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شقة 100 متر للبيع فى ووتر سايد الجونه

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رقم الإعلان: SE 15043
1,705,000 جنيه مصرى
Sedra Properties

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Sedra Homes
Hotline: 19312
+2 01222181237
شقق / للبيع
نوع الوحدة:
1,705,000 جنيه مصرى بالتقسيط
السعر/ للمتر المربع:
17,050 جنيه مصرى للمتر المربع
حالة التشطيب:
سوبر لوكس
100 مترمربع
عدد الغرف:
عدد دورات المياه:
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Lagoon View
جنيه مصرى 1,705,000
جنيه مصرى 255,750
عدد الأقساط:
قيمة القسط:
جنيه مصرى 72,463 / ربع سنوى
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Wed 11 Jan 2017

apartment for sale at water side condos
for sale apartment in el gouna
bedroom, bathroom. reception
lagoon view
El Gouna offers a wide range of properties from exclusive private villas to cozy apartments. All properties are waterfront and feature a variety of architectural styles, sizes and locations. Each neighborhood in El Gouna is a character on its own and offers a luxury amenity different from one another.
Water Side Condos will provide a unique residential experience while offering premium views and amenities. Overlooking Sliders Cable Park, one of the world’s largest wake parks, Water Side Condos has a winning formula of a relaxing location and yet remain within the action. Blending Nubian architecture with a modern twist, Water Side Condos design embraces El Gouna’s general architecture yet stands out with its contemporary character. Each apartment is specifically designed to have an uninterrupted view of the pool or lagoon. As a homeowner, you will have the opportunity to take part in a new rental management service that allows Orascom Hotels and Development to manage your rental logistics.


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